About Dr. Elena Eustache



Dr. Elena Eustache is the ‘Encyclopedia of Love.

Born in the Czech Republic, and of French descent, Dr Elena Eustache, also known as the Encyclopedia of love, currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her adoring son. With a PhD in psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy, Dr Eustache is skilled in many forms of treatment such as, Relationship and Individual counseling, Cognitive Behavior therapy, Neurofeedback therapy and Hyperbaric therapy.

In 2009, Dr Eustache founded the renowned and highly successful Eustache institute, which offers relationship and individual counseling/coaching and specializes in treating people who suffer from neurological disorders such as PTSD, Autism, Depression, Alzheimer’s, Addiction and ALS through neurofeedback and hyperbaric therapy.  In addition, the institute has a program specifically designed for professional athletes, who’ve suffered from post concussions syndrome and brain injuries. Dr Eustache has helped many NFL players overcome their PCS symptoms through brain mapping.

Dr Eustache currently host The Dr. Elena Eustache Show, on Instagram, where she interviews many of today’s hottest celebrities and offers up the “Do’s and Don’ts” of love and relationships. Currently, Dr Elena is writing her first self help book about love and relationships, expected in stores by 2019. You can also find Dr. Eustache on Facebook and read her weekly blog at www.DrElenaEustacheNeurofeedbackTherapy.com, regarding neurofeedback therapy, and www.DrElenaEustache.com, where you can read her weekly blog on the subject of love and relationships.