Junes Za’Hottie’

Today, Dr. Elena Eustache has a very special guest star for all of you single ladies out there. The world renowned relationship expert and counselor, recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the sexy, dreamy-eyed, and multi-talented, Junes B. Zahdi; dubbed Junes Za’Hottie’ by the BRAVO network’s website.

Junes B. Zahdi, was born and raised in Dusseldorf Germany by parents of Spanish-Moroccan descent. The ‘Wicked Game’ actor has played and starred in many roles such as, ‘Last Chance’, ‘Noon’, ‘The Mindy Project’, and ‘Lincoln Heights.’

Apart from acting, Junes is also a writer, producer, director, singer, dancer and choreographer.

During the interview, Junes shared with Dr. Eustache what his most challenging film role has been, which movie project he has found to be the most fun, and what person he has found to be the most interesting to work with.

In addition, he talked about his most recent film projects,‘Concerning the Body Guard’ and ‘Cul-de-sac’, which he is pre-producing.

And most importantly, he shares a few insights into his personal life, his relationship status, and he lists the three questions he would like to know about women.

Well, ladies, as luck would have it, Junes is single and available. Hooray! However, landing a guy like Junes is no easy task as the woman he is looking for must meet a certain criteria: she must be multi-cultured, have a heart and empathy for people, and she must be worthy. Well, Junes I only know one woman who fits that description, so if you are reading this and you ever find yourself in Naples, FL, call me?!!!

If you would like to know more about Junes, please visit juneszahdi.com

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—Written by Valerie Roop