Imagine yourself being perfectly in love with your partner but all of sudden your love bubble is popped and you feel yourself falling out of nirvana. What do you do? What made you fall out of it with the person you were once so in love with? This is the question that Dr. Elena Eustache tackles in this segment, asking what is it that makes you fall out of love?

The French Reporter, Jackie Watson, is out on the red carpet asking celebrities at what time do they know they should call it quits on their relationship and are falling out of love. Most answers are ones we can all agree on but can we see what these celebrities say before we are able to guess what Dr. Eustache will say about what makes her fall out of love? Jennifer Tapiero says she falls out of love when someone cheats on her. Agreed! Chef Sean also goes to say that he falls out of love when an ex keys his car or flattens his tires. This is something that would make anybody fall out of love. Jessica Rich answers like a true millennial and says she’s done with a person if they don’t respond to her texts which to followers of Sean Penn’s relationship with Charlize Theron know he has publicly said this is what he calls “ghosting”. When they stop responding to your texts that is when you know they are not interested anymore and therefore you should be too. Cory Feldman must not fall out of love that easily but when he does it’s if the girl is “stinky”. LOL. This should also be a no-brainer but let us know in the comments if this is one of the reasons you’ve ever fallen out of love, and for more questions and topics such as this one, please sign up for Dr. Eustache’s monthly newsletter at

—Written by Analuisa Valadez