Opening the Book of Tyran Brown

World renowned relationship expert and counselor, Dr. Elena Eustache recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk one-on-one with a very special guest, Tyran Brown.

Tyran Brown is a Hip-Hop artist from Los Angeles, CA. Tyran attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he studied marketing. He began his career by first writing a song which aired on a local radio station in Las Vegas. His first project entitled Road II Da Riches, showcased his fluid style and signature fire rhymes. Tyran is currently in the midst of promoting his 6-song AP, entitled Book of Tyran.

Tyran sat down with Dr. Eustache and talked about many topics including the promotional tour of his new album. He shared with her what his two favorite songs are on the album and what inspired him to write each song. He also discussed the deep passion and love he has for music, who his favorite person is in the music industry, and his journey to stardom. He talked about the challenges, financial struggles, rejections, and disappointments he faced while seeking to break into the music industry. And he spoke of the challenges he still faces today. He explained to Dr. Eustache how difficult it has been for him to balance both his career and his relationships.

Additionally, he spoke about his song-writing and his previous performances. His goal, he explained, is to continue to not only perform but also to continue writing songs for himself and other artists.

Lastly, Tyran lists the three things that he would like to know about woman. And what are they? Well, you will have to watch the video to find out.

If you would like to know more about Tyran Brown and his music, you can visit his website at Facebook: tyranbrown247  Twitter: tyranbrown247   Instagram: tyranbrown247

—Written by Valerie Roop