Dr. Elena Eustache, a world renowned relationship expert and counselor, poses the question, “What do you believe are the three ingredients of passion?” 

Passion can be defined in many different ways. When asked, most of us would probably define it as being a very strong feeling about a person or thing, or an intense emotion or a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. But interesting enough passion actually comes the from the Greek verb πασχω which means to suffer. And perhaps in ancient times, passion was perceived and/or achieved a bit differently.

In present day, when talking of passion or having a passion for something we do not think of it as being an act of suffering but rather an overwhelming feeling of interest, eagerness or admiration for a person, place or thing. And when asked about our passions or the ingredients thereof, many of us will most likely list our favorite hobbies, our favorite people, comforts and places. 

Putting this theory to the test, host Jackie Watson, the French Reporter, headed to the red carpet to pose this very question to several celebrities such as Yvette Nicole Brown, Jaime Camil, Joe Morton, Cas Anvar, Malek Akkad and Pooch Hall. As expected the answers were not surprising as most listed their passions as being music, family and friends, acting, travelling, animals, teaching, meeting new people, medicine, playing musical instruments, making friends, helping others, walking on the beach and etc.

And what of Dr. Elena Eustache? What does she believe are the three ingredients of passion? Her answers were not surprising as Elena is the very definition of her own answers, love, excitement and joy.

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— Written by Valerie Roop