Stars Reveals How They keep passion In Their Relationships
Keeping the fire going in a relationship is not easy. It takes a lot of commitment, work and creativity.
Today, Dr. Elena Eustache will give us some tips on how to keep that passion burning strongly in your relationship. But first, let’s head over to the red carpet where Jackie Watson, the French reporter, is waiting to ask some of our favorite celebrities what they do to keep the passion alive and well in their relationships.
Kimberly Friedmutter states that she keeps her passion alive by making sure she has her coffee in the mornings. Her husband, Brad, is definitely in agreement. Rhea Seehorn has dance parties. Wow! That’s sounds like fun! Jessica Walker develops a renewed passion for her country starhusband, Clay, when they get all dressed up and go out for events. She also states that the fire comes alive when she watches Clay perform. And, Clay couldn’t agree more. But, he adds, that just looking at Jessica and writing songs about her are also key factors in keeping their fire ignited.
Shawn King, wife of Larry King, jokingly says, that they do not keep the passion going in their relationship. But, we know better. We strongly believe that it is their wonderful sense of humor that keeps their fire ablaze. However, we could be wrong.
According to Dr. Eustache, you can keep your passion alive by treating your partner like you are seeing them for the very first time. Also, focus on three things that you love about your partner. And, lastly, always give them your undivided attention and be sure to listen to them.
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—Written by Valerie Roop
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