Whether it is said to you by your partner of 10 years or someone you just met whenever this word is said it makes you melt.

What is the word you find the most sexy?

Sometimes a person doesn’t have to speak with words in order to convey how irresistible they find their partner but people love being reminded how much they are wanted by their significant other. When it’s time to show how much you find your partner sexy, what word do you think they would want to hear? The French Reporter, Jackie Watson was at the album release of Kaya Jones from The Pussycat Dolls fame, collecting what celebrities had to say about the word they find the most sexy.

The language of love is different from that of lust but when it comes to it, sometimes both of those worlds end up mashing up. Aaron Fresh, Cory Feldman, Deonmusic agree that “love” is the sexiest word they can hear. How sweet that these men still believe that love is sexy. Some celebrities felt like sexy is something that derives from more lustful situations. Moving towards more lustful words, Dustin Belt thinks “nude” is sexy while Talon Reid says “rendezvous” is the word that he likes to listen to and Jennifer Tapiero thinks that “sexy” is a sexy enough word on its own.

So once the sexy talk is said and done, what comes next? Sexy dance moves of course! The celebs give us their sexiest dance moves and show us how they elevate their sexy talk.

Dr. Elena Eustache shares with us her sexy word is “je’taime”. Leave us a comment saying what your favorite sexy word is and for more questions and topics such as this one, please sign up for Dr. Eustache’s monthly newsletter at www.drelenaeustache.com

—Written by Analuisa Valadez