Today, world renowned relationship expert and counselor, Dr. Elena Eustache gives us some more of her insightful “Do’s and Don’t’s” relationship tips.
Ladies, it is time to let go of your partners belt loops and get yourself a life.
According to Dr. Eustache, it is perfectly fine and quite normal to have a life without your partner. In other words, it is ok to have a life outside of the confines of your partners grasp. When in a relationship, many women feel as though they have to be with their partner 24-7. They may feel guilty for wanting to hang out with the girls or for wanting to go to an event without their partner by their side. But listen up! Being with your partner every second of every day is not healthy for your relationship. It can be absolutely draining. Both you and your partner need some breathing room or you will smother the life out of each other. You need some time apart from each other and time to miss each other. If you don’t give each other space, the fire in your relationship will burn out quickly and boredom will soon set in. When this happens, your relationship could very well end.
So, if you want to keep a good, healthy relationship, then it is vital and very important that you discover your own identity. Don’t lose yourself in your partner. So, get out and have fun without your partner. Find your own passions and your own hobbies and let your partner do the same.
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—Written by Valerie Roop
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