Today, world renowned relationship expert and counselor, Dr. Elena Eustache warns us ladies to never cut our men off when they are talking.
According to Dr. Eustache, men love to chat. It is a very masculine act. If the man in your life is not much of a talker, it may be because you are probably doing all of the talking for him and not allowing him to speak. So, ladies, stop talking and listen to what your man has to say.
One major reason why men shut down is because they are with a partner who constantly talks and interrupts them. Ladies, you may think you already know what your man is going to say or you might be too impatient to let your man speak, so you just go ahead and jump in. Or, it could be that you make your man feel as though everything he says is wrong.
It is important to note that if your man becomes silent it is usually because he is withdrawing from you emotionally, and this often times means that he is losing his connection with you. In a healthy, loving relationship, men need to feel as though they are being heard, respected and free to express themselves. They need to feel dominant.
So, ladies, once again, stop talking so much and start listening. Allow the man in your life to have a voice. You might be surprised to find that men often have some very important and interesting things to say. But you will never know if you do not give him a chance to speak.
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—Written by Valerie Roop
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