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Valentine’s day is the one day a year where the world joins together and celebrates the person they love. For centuries, hopeless romantics alike have showered their loved ones with adoring gifts, like perfume, expensive watches, jewelry, flowers, chocolates, beautifully written love letters/cards and marriage proposals.  And still, after all of these years, with so much love continuing on February 14th, there are numerous people who aren’t keen on the holiday for various reasons, several of which I completely understand. However, if you are the kind of person who believes this holiday is nothing more than a corporate scheme to simply turn a profit, kindly think again.  Named after the enchanting Christian Saint, Valentine, this holiday has been celebrated around the world for centuries, dating back to the 5th century with origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.  Although there are many legends that surround Saint Valentine’s life, in each, his attributes remain similar; he was a courageous man who believed that love should be celebrated, freely, by all and stood up against those who dared to interfere. Wholeheartedly, Saint Valentine believed that finding love was an honored gift. Therefore, you can feel at ease knowing this day is not a “made up holiday” that small businesses and major corporations benefit from.  Therefore, whether you’re fond of the holiday, or not, single or in a relationship, the truth is, no matter how certain and accomplished we all might feel, all of us love to be loved, love to give love and to feel appreciated.  With that being said, I’m here to shine a fresh, welcoming perspective on the holiday, in the hopes of making Valentines Day enjoyable again for everyone.

For those who are in relationships, please do not neglect or forget Valentines Day knowing your spouse/significant other enjoys the celebration.  Although you’ve proven your devotion and appreciation for them 364 days this year, and that is breathtaking, on February 14th, if forgotten or neglected, you could really hurt your spouse/significant other’s feelings because some spouses/significant others are sensitive and this holiday may possibly mean a lot to them.   Show them how much you appreciate them, by making them breakfast in bed, cooking a romantic dinner, followed by a bubble bath for two.  These are all simple and romantic gestures that won’t break your bank.  I mean, you eat and bathe every day anyway, so, on this day, just make it a little extra special.  Now, if you happen to love the holiday more than your spouse/significant other does, it’s perfectly okay to take the reigns and initiate, by planning a romantic day or evening for the two of you.   For the couples that have children, want to celebrate, yet find it difficult to locate a sitter, why not plan a family picnic and celebrate with them too? After all, your children are a reflection of your love.

For the singles, indulge in the day by pampering yourself at a day spa and buy yourself something special, because loving and appreciating yourself is extremely important and we often neglect ourselves the most.  Another great idea is to celebrate your best friend, who might also be single, and rejoice in the friendship the two of you share together.  Plan a comedic movie night and feast on delicious takeout food while laughing out loud.      In addition, you can also spend the holidays by visiting your parents, grandparents or a family relative you know is alone.  Why not be their ray of sunshine by simply spending quality time with them?  A different, and yet, a great idea is volunteering at a local homeless shelter or animal shelter where you’ll truly experience the rewarding gift of love by engaging in a selfless act for others.  Keep in mind that Valentines Day is about giving as much as it is receiving.

Lastly, it’s exceptionally important to remember that everyone celebrates Valentines Day differently and it’s unwise to compare.  While some feel it’s important to shower their loved ones with extravagant material items, grand gestures, and five-star restaurants, others find spending time with the right person on that special day is more valuable. For instance, if your spouse/significant other is the latter, celebrate the moment and rejoice in the love and laughter you have with each other.   Hence, be grateful for the love you have in your life, from family, friends, to co-workers, because finding true love and or strong friendships, is an incredible bequest.  In the end, love is all we need. From my heart to yours, Happy Valentines Day!

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