Did you know that there are three kinds of relationships? They’re called convenient, covenant and codependent. Read below to find out which relationship you’re in and which relationship you’d like to be in, in your future.


In this relationship, both people share the financial responsibility equally. Most young couples are in a convenient relationship. However, once they decide to have a family one person usually takes on more of the financial responsibility (the breadwinner) and the other becomes the homemaker, who stays at home taking care of the household choirs.

If you are in a relationship where you each share the financial responsibility equally, please make sure to remember, the person who is masculine wants to be respected and the person who is feminine wants to be cherished and feel safe with their heart


In this relationship, one person is the breadwinner (provider) paying 70-80% of the bills. The other person is the homemaker – they chip in and contribute financially, but most importantly they are in charge of the choirs and household tasks. Often the homemaker stays home with kids when the couple has a family.

It’s important to respect the breadwinner and give them the freedom and praise they need, especially after a long day of work. It’s equally important to cherish your homemaker, who is watching over your nest (family). Tell them how much you love them and how beautiful they are.


In this relationship, one person is a 10 and the other is a 0. One person gets all the respect and admiration. They make the rules and expect the other to follow them always. The 10 takes and takes and gives nothing back emotionally to the 0—yet the other person is dependent on them for everything. It’s very unhealthy and eventually, someone will get hurt—most likely the 0 will have their heart broken. Often the person that’s the 10 in the relationship is a narcissist and or someone that is unavailable (married). Often times these relationships are built on lust (chemistry and great sex).