rs=w-1080Sexual polarity is the term used for the physical chemistry, the magnetic pull, and the overwhelming physical response we feel when we meet someone with an energy that opposes our own” -Tony Robbins

So…are you ready to discuss the laws of masculine and feminine energy? If so, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for what I’m about to say, since unfortunately, this blog might unintentionally offend someone today, but, as someone who not only holds a PhD in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, but also a proud feminist—one who believes in equality and inclusion—I assure you that what I’m about to say in today’s blog is simply about energy—not gender or sexual orientation. The topic we are discussing today, masculine and feminine energy, is not only found in human beings, but in animals, plants, and minerals.

You see, every one of us, both men and women, have varying degrees of both masculine and feminine energy — but one energy is naturally much more dominant. When in a romantic relationship, it’s important for us to embrace the dominant energy within, so we connect with our partner who has the opposite energy. Theoretically, in order for an intimate relationship to thrive with love, harmony and… passion, an abundance of passion, there must be a balance. In a well-balanced relationship, one person must have feminine energy while the other has masculine energy—think the Chinese philosophy of Ying and Yang—when two opposite energies find one another and join together they create complimentary energies (a whole) that can’t exist without one another. If two people in a relationship have the same energy (both masculine or both feminine) the relationship will suffer. There will be an emotional and physical disconnect bringing much dissatisfaction into the relationship, causing chaos. With that being said, let’s learn the distinction between the two energies and how to apply them in our romantic relationships.

The divine feminine energy is free-spirited, patient, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, sensitive, creative, and intuitive—noticing things that aren’t seen by the naked eye. Feminine energies are receptive and perfectly willing to let their partner with masculine energy—take charge—as long as they feel safe with their heart. On the other hand, the divine masculine energy is more physical than emotional, and logical rather than intuitive—if the naked eye can’t see it then it doesn’t exist. People with masculine energy love to be in control, but highly dislike being controlled—they need to be in charge—the decision makers. They are much more focused than those with feminine energy. People with masculine energy need their partners with feminine energy to trust them to make the decisions. As you can see, these two energies are distinct opposites, with diverse desires, but they are attracted to one another nonetheless—law of attraction. Fact is, once we come to understand and embrace our energy (feminine or masculine) fulfilling each other’s wishes, will come naturally. For instance, when in a romantic relationship, whether you’re dating or married, knowing and respecting each other needs, based on female and masculine energy, is the key to a successful and satisfying relationship. Below is a list of needs, based on masculine and feminine energy.



To be understood

Presence (to be seen)

Compliments (desired)

Emotional affection (cherished)


To feel safe & protected






Physical affection

To be in charge

To protect


To chase

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