Love is a conscious decision, not a feeling.  Unfortunately, a person’s feelings can change as hastily as the wind blows.  With love, it’s an action.  God is Love and we are made in his image.  Love is something we decide to provide to others. For example, if you have a child, mother, sister or brother, you just don’t wake up one morning and say, “ I don’t feel like having them in my life anymore, therefore, I’m done with them.”  We all make a conscious decision to love our family members unconditionally, no matter what—even if you don’t agree with their actions.  Romantic relationships are just the same and should be treated with the same respect.  One day you might wake up and feel “I’m so in love with my partner.” However, the second day you might wake up feeling like you want to be single. The third day,  “I really don’t like this person today.” The fourth day, you might break up, and on the fifth day, you love and like them all over again.  Because our feelings change all the time – we need to remember that love is a decision and only then will our relationship work. Decide to be together, with the one you choose to love and work on the relationship.  When this happens, your relationship will positively grow and become more successful each and every day.